Monday, 15 July 2013

Summer Bucket List.......Week Two

So week two of #GetGoodSummer completed.  And not too bad a week for my goals:
  • Bikini Body - I have managed to get through the weekend, for the first time in months, and not pig out.  My normal diet routine consists of being extremely good Monday to Friday morning. By Friday afternoon I usually make up for the lack of eating anything nice and manage to eat as much I can until Sunday night.  But this weekend, knowing that I would have to blog my progress, I have only been naughty on Saturday night.  I started running club on Tuesday evening with the Eldest Daughter (Ed). They are breaking us in very gently. 2 minutes running, 1 minute walk. In the current heat it was hell. It hasn't broken me though and at the moment, I am determined to run again this week.  Not sure if any weight has shifted as yet because I don't want to weigh in until Friday this week.  So next week I will report back to lbs lost.
  • Garden Forest - This week, I did, with the help of The Mummy, spend a bit of time in the garden but not to tame the ever-growing forest resemblance.  We emptied the shed of all the junk that The Husband has over the last few months just piled in there. It took a couple of hours and a couple of dump runs (in secret, as it is not wise to let The Husband know what is being thrown out, as he seems to think everything is needed....just in case).  I feel so much better knowing its clear but now waiting to see if it stays that way (got my doubts).

  • Bannisters - The painting task is definitely one I keep putting off.  This week would be ideal to get it done before the kids break up for summer but its one of those jobs I'm dreading. Maybe, just maybe, with the right encouragement I could report back next Monday to say I did it (don't hold your breath though).
  • OCD - This week, I have tried to keep my control freak attitude with the dishwasher in check. Only a handful of times have I re-loaded.  I think if I give everyone a lesson in how to load it it would ease my obsession.
  • Book Writing - Nope, nada, Nil. 

By next Monday I am hoping to have lost a few lbs and after writing this blog post, I feel quite inspired to get the gloss out and get those bannisters ticked off my Summer Bucket List.

As always.........Sent wiv Love



  1. Well done you!!
    Good luck with the weight loss x

    1. Thank you, Kim. Early days yet. Could eat a donut right now! Lynne xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Louise. Hows your mojito's coming on. Lynne xxx

  3. So glad that #GetGoodSummer is giving you the incentive to keep going... Sounds like Its been very successful! Thanks for linking up!xx

    1. Claire, it is most definitely helping me. Its my competitive nature coming out lol.


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