Monday, 22 July 2013

Summer Bucket List.......Week Three

Three weeks into #GetGoodSummer and so far so good. I think. But now is the testing time. The kids have broken up from school and I can feel myself waning.
So last week:

Bikini Body  - I forced myself on to the scales on Friday and to say I was quite pleased is an understatement. I lost 5lbs.  This gave me a massive encouragement boost to carry on and helped me to stay off the biscuits over the weekend. I didn't make it to running club on Tuesday and I haven't carried out any exercise, not even walking to the school to collect the kids. But I am determined to carry on eating healthily and I am trying to encourage The Husband to join me. 

I guess, I just need to carry on eating this 

to be able to get into this  

Garden Forest - The only time I have been in the garden this week is to sunbathe. I thought about the 'growing forest' on the back border a lot, but that is as far as I got!!
Bannisters - I am so pleased I managed to gloss without spilling the paint everywhere. I am a messy painter! I still have the skirting board on the side nearest the wall to do. I have a feeling that is going to be left until September. But you never know.  A miracle may happen.
OCD - I think I am nearly cured of this daft obsession of reloading it in a neater way. (All forks together, all knives together, all plates in height order, etc) A couple of times I have left it in the messy state it was loaded in. I just hope the queen doesn't pay a visit!

Book Writing - I have a few ideas rolling around in my head but I am a little unsure how to proceed. Do I need the whole story mapped out before I start writing or will a story line begin to flow as it gets written down?  I have bought a book on 'how to write a novel and get published', but have not managed to open it. 

So thats my week three of #GetGoodSummer. I will just mention that I really love the coasters that Claire has made over on ClarinasContemplations as part of her summer bucket list. I think I may give them a try as well as her homemade lemonade. The Mojito's that Louise at A Strong Coffee has made look very tempting as well. Especially if made into ice lollies. Click on the links to go take a peek.

Please feel free to comment in the boxes below or if you would prefer, send an email using the link at the top of this page.  I love to hear your thoughts and ideas, trust me they help. 

As always.......Sent wiv Love.


    1. Oooo I hate glossing - well done! Thanks for the mention too x

      1. You are very welcome, Louise. Thank you for reading. Hows your summer coming along. Lynne xxx

    2. So impressed by your weight loss... Now I feel inspired too! Thanks! Would love to see how your coasters go if you do end up trying them out! Thanks for linking up with #GetGoodSummer Claire x

      1. The #GetGoodSummer has really got me motivated. Do you have a winter one in mind. lol. Lynne xxx


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