Saturday, 20 July 2013

Just Shut Up

With everyone waiting in anticipation for the birth of our next royal, I began thinking about Kate Middleton and how she would cope with the labour. Will she let herself go and scream and holler. Will Prince William get a good old gob full. In fact, will he even be in there. Surely.

I wonder if she ever just 'lets herself go'. Or is she so well groomed to hold it together at all times. Even if His Highness leaves the loo seat up after stinking the royal lavatory out! Is she taught to ignore, stench and all.

If William gets on her wick does she ever tell him to "just shut up".

Would she give him a quick boot if he was snoring too loud on the sofa. Does she sulk and hold a grudge.

I wonder if she ever pops to her mums and just lays in the sun in the conservatory, while her mum makes her a cuppa and brings it to her on a platter ladened with custard creams. Does she ever kick off her shoes and walk barefoot in the garden to relax.

It must be so hard to have to hold yourself in check 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Surely everyone needs to explode at some time.

I explode often!

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