Now in my mid 40's, with lots still to do and lots still to experience, I have decided to jump on the blogosphere cart and see where it takes me. Seems I have a lot to catch up with.

I currently live in a rural town in Derbyshire with the Husband, two beautiful daughters about to hit the terrible teens and a most wonderful son, who has arrived out the other side of the terrible teens.

I absolutely love it where we live and am in love with the home we have and still are building together. Although a lot needs to be done to make it 'posh'! After getting the moving bug every 2-3 years I think I have finally found my forever home - well until the kids move on!

My blog is a personal account of living and loving and the life we are leading. Its about the kids, the home, running a business and rubbish cooking skills. Hope you enjoy.

As always.............sent with love.


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