Monday, 29 July 2013

Summer Bucket List.......Week Four

Its not good. I have to say, I've hit the wall.

Last week, my brother and my nephew visited from Hampshire which meant picnics, bbq's and lovely family lunches at The Mummys. And I couldn't resist all the lovely food on offer. So I didn't! And I think, all in all, the amount of weight I had lost the previous week has probably all piled back on.

The husband has still not joined me in eating healthily, he is currently tucking in to burger and chips as I type this. Why can't I just accept that this is my body and middle aged spread is inevitable.

I did do a little exercise this week though. Golf and Swimming! We had a lovely day at Markeaton Park in Derbyshire. There is so much to do there and it is quite a cheap day out. We set up camp on the banks overlooking the outdoor paddling pool and laid out a lovely picnic.

The kids splashed around for hours then we went for a game of crazy golf, which did get a little competitive with The Nephew. They had a play in the park and scared the life out of me when they climbed to the top of the spiders net. They didn't get to ride the donkeys this time as it was their rest time (the donkeys that is). There is so much to do at Markeaton Park, including canoes, pirate boat and a bouncy castle, as well as lots of green areas and forest walks.

It was a lovely day out but all ended a bit sour when I returned to the car park to find one of them nasty yellow stickers on my windscreen. My bought valid ticket had fallen on to the drivers seat due to the heat and the inspector had not seen it. I am disputing the fine and waiting to hear if my challenge is successful.

As for the rest of my #GetGoodSummer Bucket List, its all just fallen by the wayside. 

The garden has been ignored, except for The Husband mowing the lawn weekly. 

Just as I was getting better with the OCD dishwasher thing, I chatted to a fellow tweeter on Twitter, who also 'rearranges' her dishwasher. Sometimes the dishwasher needs 'reloading' to fit more stuff in to it. So, right back on it!

On a positive note, I have written another paragraph of my planned book. And Ed has just started writing a short story about Harry Styles, which she is hoping to publish on a short story website.

There is just no hope for me, though, for the rest of the summer!

Please comment below, I need encouragement, fast!

As always........Sent wiv Love


  1. I'm sure the ticket thing will get sorted as you have the proof right there!!! So don't let it get you down chicken.And writing a book! That is awesome!!! You should be proud as that's no easy task. One paragraph at a time is better than staring at a blank page. . .it means you have the ideas and the rest will just flow and before you know it, it'll be writing itself!
    I haven't read your summer bucket list yet but can now catch up on your blog posts. Don't let it get you down though; use it as a guide and if it doesn't get done it just means you're doing something important and more fun instead!

    Lizzie Koch xx

    1. The Mummy likes to see her children being fed with all the goodies. Brings back memories of when the kids were young. I used to bake on a Friday. As I was rolling out pastry one Friday The Sister decided she wanted to make a small jam tart. Unfortunately she couldn't reach the worktop so decided to roll it out on the floor (which was clean I add) When The Daddy came home she said do you want a jam tart (I told him it was rolled on the floor) he ate it anyway. lol.

  2. Don't lose heart! There's always a tough couple of weeks in the middle! It sounds like you're doing fab... and judging by the pics, the weight loss looks totally unnecessary!!! See you next week at #GetGoodSummer

  3. Thank you, Claire. I just feel a tad hefty for me! Pushing onwards though, lol. xx

  4. Seriously, you need to lose weight??? Your figure is lovely hun. Any way a good blow out doesn't hurt, especially looking like you do!! x


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