Tuesday, 16 July 2013

She's Better Than Me

The very first day Ed (I still find it hard to call her by this blog name) went to nursery, I realised that you can't pick their friends for them. Sometimes their judgement is OK.

She was 3 and we'd just moved to a new town so we knew no-one. Rambo aged 9 at this stage so practically a man, hence no tears (please don't sue if you read this son - see Who's Who post) had already started his new school and settled in fine. Unlike a few years earlier when he started nursery. For 3 months it took 2 nursery staff most mornings to peel him from me. Most of that 3 months I spent crying and tying myself to the chair to stop from going back to rescue him. If I didn't do something surely he would end up hating me and take the wrong path in life and end up on drugs and homeless and sick. (I'm a worrier and always have been)!!

Then the day arrived to take Ed to nursery. Preparing for the worst we went in and off she went.  My Ed was growing up and had gone off with strangers (nursery teachers) without a question.  Did she not love me. Had I not supplied enough toys at home and now she had all these wonderful new things to play with. Would the teachers think I had neglected her. (More worry)

I strolled home in the gorgeous sunshine wondering why I wasn't crying. (Did I not love her as much, had I not bonded, was she going to grow up, move abroad and never want to see me)

I struggled through the morning and was first in the queue at the nursery door at pick up time. Out came all the children, all smiling and so happy to see their mummys.  Ed included.  She did love me. I asked her if she loved nursery and if she'd made lots of new friends.

"Yes, mummy. Theres my best friend, she's better than me"

"No ones better than you love, everyones the same" I replied.

All evening Ed chatted about her new best friend, getting cross when I wouldn't accept that her friend thought herself better.

So the next morning we went to nursery, me determined that I would guide her to play with another child.

"There Mummy, there.  She's better than me." She hollered, and over came 'better than me' with her mummy.

"Hi" said better than me's mummy, "Our girls played together all morning, yesterday, didn't you Bethany"

Oh!! Well Ed did have a slight lisp back then, so easy mistake, yeah? And Ed and Better Than Me / Bethany had lots of lovely play dates.

And in answer to the above self asking questions, in case you were wondering, Rambo has just turned 18. A hardworker, conscientious, kind and thoughtful.  His bedrooms a tip but if thats the worst problem he's brought to our door, I can deal with it.

Ed is a people person, has lots of close friends and is very caring.  She's a mummy's girl (and a nanny's girl) and says she is staying home with me forever, until she moves out!


  1. When you come to write your book if it is as light hearted and as funny as your blogs then you will be up there with JKR and your first signed first edition is mine

    Lots of love Dad

    1. Thank you Daddy. I may have to be called Lynne Rowling, ha ha.

  2. This makes me feel alot better as i am having the same thoughts and feelings right now with Erin and her childminder! Your kids sound lovely, you must be very proud. Brilliant post, very funny the whole Better than me, Bethany mix up! I can see how you got confused! =D x

    1. There is so much to worry about, Katie. But thank god, usually the worries are unnecessary. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I bet Erin will have a lovely time and you will cherish your time with her more. xxx

  3. Replies
    1. Kids, huh, lol. Thank you for reading, Lynne xxx

  4. A familiar story with a great twist - didn't see that coming. Thanks

    Touchline Dad

  5. This brings back memories of The Sister coming home from school one day and declared that she knew the Queens middle name. I asked her what it was and she answered in a (you should know tone of voice) Its Elizabeth Vagina of course.


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