Friday, 20 September 2013

Make a List

Since having kids I have noticed that I have to write everything down or risk forgetting.

I often walk in to a room and forget what I went in there for. I have even found myself in the loo and questioned why. Duh! If I go shopping for a specific item, unless its written down, there's not a chance it will be bought. I rely on the kids to remind me too. But that doesn't always work as they forget to remind me, unless I ask them what it was that I wanted them to remind me!

It got quite serious a few years back when I nearly forgot my child! I was at Od's school to collect her from an after school club and whilst I waited in the reception area, 9 year old Ed played in the grounds with a friend. Having to be somewhere else straight after, I rushed Od out of the school towards the car and started plugging in her seatbelt. I had completely forgotten that Ed was with me and if she hadn't seen me by the car and ran over I would probably have driven off none the wiser. Rubbish mother or what!!

This experience actually scared me a lot and made me realise that I needed to slow down and get myself better organised. So, I know it sounds really anal, I started writing lists. 

I love lists. I have a shopping list, a dinner list and a menu list! I have a Things To Do list. I have lists on my phone! I have lists on paper! The only thing missing is a List of Lists List.

Last weeks To Do list:
I do have a separate list for what food to buy and who needs birthday cards

Do lists help me? Yes, definitely. 

Have I ever forgotten my child since starting writing lists? No, not yet!!

If I didn't write a list my children would probably not eat and they would not have clean clothes or bedding. They would miss swimming lessons. We'd have fines from the library for late return books. Without lists the tax man would put The Husband in jail for missing paperwork and payments. Then we'd lose the house and I'd end up a bag lady and have to live in a shop doorway. I wouldn't need lists then!

As the years have gone by I have become more and more 'the one that wears the trousers' and therefore taken over more and more of the household duties.  Some say its because I'm a 'control freak'. My brain is always buzzing with something to remember. The Husband is much more laid back and his attitude is if a deadline is missed, its missed. If there's no food in for dinner, get a takeaway (maybe the takeaway issue is more about my poor cooking abilities).

I'm sure I'm not alone in this most annoying trait but what I would love to understand is if it is an age thing, a parent thing or just the busy lives we lead these days.

If you haven't got bored and have reached the end of this post, thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment. Even if you think I am completely anally retentive.

As always........Sent wiv Love.


P.S. I cannot believe I am sat here writing a blogpost about lists!

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