Monday, 2 September 2013

Summer Bucket List.........Grand Finale

Firstly, I'm hoping that no-one noticed that I have missed week seven and eight. Ashamed I am!

Although I didn't complete all the items on my Summer Bucket List, I am still fairly pleased that I headed in the right direction. But I think I am in definite need of a Winter Bucket List!

Bikini Body: Having looked at one photo from the Spain holiday of me in a bikini I have to admit that I've got a bit of work to do. But then again, are we ever happy with how our bodies look!  

This was home for the last week.

And this is the nearest this blog will ever get to a bikini shot!

Forest Garden: My challenge for the garden was completed but the front now needs concentrating on throughout the winter. Its a never ending job, it seems to me!

Painting: The bannisters were indeed glossed and look so much better. I had previously used an eggshell paint and within a couple of months, filthy hand prints were showing. That problem is totally solved by using gloss. Lesson learnt - never use eggshell where kids walk! (And by the way, I still have to gloss the skirting board)

Dishwasher OCD: This obsession is no where near as bad as it was, in fact I have just loaded it and put a couple of knives in the fork section! Go me.

Writing: Well I really think I need that pretty little cottage overlooking the sea that I mentioned in Week Six. I seem to struggle after chapter one. Maybe when the kids go back to school, I will be able to concentrate more. We'll see!

The #GetGoodSummer challenge definitely jivvied me along to get things done that I probably would have put off until the kids went back to school. It also helped me to keep up the blogposts. Without it I may not have blogged a single thing for the whole month.

All I can say is what a lovely summer and I am quite sad its over for another year.

As Always.........Sent wiv Love



  1. Wow, you've been great keeping up with this - look at all your posts! I did chuckle at you not putting a 'bikini bod' picture on your blog....not on your Nellie this end! Sounds like you've made great progress all round :) Bring on next year!

  2. Ha ha. Wouldn't dare to be seen scantily clad, lol. Well done to you to for a productive summer. xxx


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