Monday, 9 September 2013

Espagne, Here We Come...

We had a long night ahead. We had to leave home at 1.00am to get to the airport in time for parking the cars, checking in the baggage, security, passport control and........ breakfast. The flight wasn't until 6.45am and the airport was only 1 hour and 15 minutes away. But a girl doesn't like to rush her Full English.

There were 8 of us heading to a Villa in Spain for a week of sunshine and relaxation - Me, The Husband, Ed, Od, Rambo, The Mummy, The StepDad and The Mother-in-Law. We had all agreed to try and get a couple of hours sleep before we set off. Rambo, being a teenager, didn't start his day until teatime anyway so really didn't need a doze, I was too hyped up about making sure everything was packed and clean and tidy and the beauty regime completed, Od was sent to bed at 7.00pm but was still heard rummaging around at 10pm, so we eventually said she might as well come down and watch TV with The Husband, who said he couldn't sleep at this time of day (funny how he doesn't normally have a problem each and every evening)!! Ed stayed at The Mummys for the evening because she was the only one who would really try to doze off and The Mummys was the calmest place for sleep.

So at 1.00am off we set in convey. As we got nearer to the airport the heavens opened and the storm of all storms took place. There was no way I was getting out the car at the drop-off point and getting drenched to the point of looking like a drowned rat and dragging a suitcase across a slip road after glamming myself up for the flight. Well, as it happened, drop-off was undercover. So panic over.

After dumping the cases at check-in, we went in search of the eagerly awaited Full English. But all we found were baps with bacon or panini's. We all sat in a line in an airside eatery, stuffing our faces like we wouldn't eat again for a year. Rambo and The Husband then decided they fancied a beer. (At 3.30 in the morning, honestly!) Me and the girls went wandering in search of sweets for the flight. When we met up with Rambo and The Husband a short while later, they were sat in a bar watching the table next to them being served up a Full English. Gutted!! 

The flight was quite non-eventful except The Husband and Od arguing over who's turn it was to sit by the window. 

On landing we all tried to fit in with the local tongue and used a lot of "Olla" and "Grazias" (seems that was all the Spanish we knew between us).

As we walked from Spanish airside to landside I felt like a VIP as I saw a board with my name on it (I was group leader) being held by the Geordie taxi driver, who advised us that where we were staying was a place he would never live. Oh dear, not a good start. 

Well as we pulled up to the villa, its not a place I'd turn down living in!! It was stunning and even had a leather 3 piece suite and 47" TV on the patio.  How the other half live.

We knew this holiday was all about relaxing and recharging our batteries after quite a busy year so far. 

We spent the majority of the time in the pool playing water volleyball
and other such games, lots of sunbathing and reading and just good old family time. As the beach was a 20 minute drive away we only ventured there once. This was the only day that the red flag was up advising that the sea was dangerous to swim in. Shopping it was, then!
Our week here was absolute heaven, lots of lazing around the pool, eating and drinking. There were very few shops and restaurants here but we did take a bus and taxi to busier areas. 

For the last few months we have been talking about the possibility of living abroad but in all honesty and as daft as it sounds, we all agreed that we would miss the British weather!!! Summer is a godsend but by the end of a decent few months of sun I have to admit I do look forward to cosy winter nights in front of the fire.

Thanks for reading.

As Always..........Sent wiv Love.


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