Thursday, 27 June 2013

Who's Who

Sent wiv Love blog has been 'live' for a month now, so I thought it was time to introduce the main post 'characters'.

Me, sent wiv love. Inwardly shy, outwardly confident. Self critical and opinionated, depending who I'm with. Worst feature - my height. I love high heels but I hate being tall.

The Husband, cool, calm and collected (practically a living corpse, he's so laid back). Sometimes stays quiet while I rant and rave and waits for it to be   over. Worst feature - wind.

Son, now known as Rambo (He came to me when he was little and asked if he could change his name to John Rambo - whilst wearing girls high heels and a medal round his neck carrying a brief case - he was only 4) He said he'll sue if I put a picture on here of him!! He's 17, so I'd best not risk (He also told me to take him off this blog........but I'm not scared!!) Best feature - considerate. Worst feature: Threatening to sue.

Eldest Daughter, now known as ED, is caring, conscientious and cares about people. She is confident, although she thinks she is shy. She is extremely beautiful inside and out. Best feature - friendship.

Other Daughter, now known as OD, is shy but shows this as bolshy. She is not a worrier she is a 'do it anyway and face the consequences later' kind of girl. She teases and laughs at her own jokes. She is loving and cuddly. Best feature - smile.

I find it quite intriguing how 2 siblings with the same parents can be so different.

The Mummy, the matriarch (or Eastenders' Lou Beale as we call her at home). Loves sorting junk and cleaning. I love her cleaning too! Is the best at  keeping secrets. Worst feature - singing.  


The Sister, not the boss.   Loves visiting the Doctors.  Loves the sound of her own voice especially when harmonising with another!!! Always there in times of need or a giggle. Best feature - hiding not seeking.

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