Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Dear............Lisa D

Well, what can I say...........

except....... lovely, mad woman.

When I think about you the first picture that comes into my head is you, in a white paper boiler suit, with no drawers! Isn't that how everyone paints their friends hall walls. Isn't it? Err no, it isn't. But you my special friend are unique. And you even folded it and put it back on The Husbands workbench when you'd finished with it.  

You are my  'the one who makes me wet myself with laughter'  friend. And lets face it, it doesn't take a lot after 3 kids!  

I decided, one day, that I needed a new kitchen table. "Easy" you said "We'll make one".  Thank god I managed to persuade you to leave the current breakfast bar in place until the new table was made.

Off we went to the diy store and came back with new legs and brackets. I had a lovely hexagonal cream coffee table, which you swiftly took apart.  Then out came the saw!  The new legs were too tall............but not for long. You soon had them the perfect height, or so we thought.  After lots of screwing and hammering we had produced a perfect height table. It fitted perfectly under the existing breakfast bar and had a lovely little wobble from wonky legs! Proud as punch we were and so it remained for a couple of months. Many a cuppa was placed on it and many a cuppa got spilled on it. Then I'm afraid it went to the home for wobbly tables...........the tip! 

Talking of legs, (albeit table legs) your poor knees have been troubling you for years and the time that I will never, ever forget, but  didn't actually witness myself, was the time you were lounging in your garden pool.  Of all times for your knees to pack up, this was not the time for it to happen.  But they did. And you couldn't get out of the pool. So what did you do.............called the fire brigade, of course, who had to winch you from the water. I probably shouldn't laugh but it could only happen to you. Thank god you had your drawers on that time!

I was so pleased that you made it to our wedding 2 years ago.  After not seeing each other for 5 years we just picked up where we left off. It felt like we'd never been apart. Out came the bottle of whatever was left in the cupboard - which just happened to be gin. Laughter, tears and wetting ourselves began. It was the one night I was determined to stay home (the eve of my wedding) and be totally refreshed and be the blushing bride the next day.  But by midnight we were pie-eyed and stuffing our faces with naan bread kebabs. (Well I was - too drunk to remember if you did)  And so the wedding morning began ........with a hangover. And the usual "never again".

You are one of those named on the previous blog post who has attempted to teach me to cook. You tried, sorry you failed.  I guess sometimes even the possible is impossible.

Look out Mrs D, I'm a coming down your way. 

Love you tons and as always...........sent wiv love.


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