Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Hey Andy, remember when..........
you were working with The Husband at Abela and I was trying to set you up on a blind date with Sandy. Well you didn't let on that you'd already met and had had that date and left me to keep thinking I was the next Cilla. Huh, it wasn't the right pairing anyway, you didn't like each other!! So bang went my career as a matchmaker.

Do you remember when me and Fiona took you to Diva to cheer you up? We left you to look after our bags while we boogied on the dance floor all night. We did text you from the DJ's box though! Why didn't you come out with us anymore, it was fun?

The Husband says howdy mate and wonders how airport life is going these days. He misses the people and the fun times you all had. They were a good bunch of lads. You wouldn't get away with drinking through a night shift these days! And there certainly wouldn't be any acquired items from excess stock! (Say no more but who needed Tesco's) It was like party nights in the unit when the night shift rota came round. All that was missing was disco lights.

April 2005 was The Husbands 40th and the Mummys 60th.  A fabulous joint party was organised.  I was so excited that the Sister had to keep reminding me that it wasn't actually my party!  It was only gonna end one tears. Once the drink started flowing, the showing off started and then bang.......unconscious. By 8.30pm. We'd only been there an hour and a half. Must have been spiked or maybe even food poisoning! Must have been. (I didn't do the cooking for those of you that were wondering but I am getting fed up with getting poisoned every time I have a little tipple!!)

I was dumped on a chair outside and poor you were left to babysit me.  Within 20 minutes the next casualty arrived. The Husband. OK its safe to say we can't handle our drink!

You sat outside holding the black coffee, glasses of water and held my hair back and The Husbands shoulders, to make sure he didn't fall straight into the remake of the nights earlier dinner! You watched me get frog marched into a car after being sent home and The Husband being carted away in an ambulance, for not responding quickly enough when a glass of water was thrown over him to test his responsiveness.  We were well and truly in the dog house for that one. I think the silent treatment we were given for disgracing the family lasted 3 days. Oh and "never again".

We do hope you managed to enjoy the rest of the party.  Heard it was a good 'un. And I would officially like to apologise to The Mummy for looking like a complete alcoholic at her 60th. (oops now everyone knows how old The Mummy is) and many apologies for everyone that turned up for The Husbands birthday, sorry he wasn't in attendance for long!

Miss your fun loving texts and your honest, open chatting. Keep in touch Mr. L. 

Laters babes and as always..........sent wiv love.


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