Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Hey Hambull, remember when.....................

..........we first met. The hairdressers in 1985. You came for an interview, I offered you a cup of coffee and you said "no", because you didn't like me! You hadn't even met me before. Bet you were gasping really.

Well your interview went well and they offered you the job as Junior alongside me. And then, its safe to say, the fun began.

Where do I start.........the night we went out with vegetables as our friends. Duh, didn't everyone do that? Or the time your hamster ate my jumper whilst I was peacefully sleeping. Driving through the town with the windows wide open in Rupert Red (the car) singing as loud as we could to the Dooleys. You hiding in the boot of Rupert Red whilst I had a rendevouz in the front seat with a boy.  He had no clue to this day you were there for that secret hour. Thank god you didn't pop up when Queens 'I've got to break free' came on the radio and announce you were going to get done if you didn't get home now.

There are so many antics we got up to, one of them being that very first night out we had. As teenagers we thought it was really cool to dress the same and after planning our daily salon outfits for the week, we decided our matching night on the town clothes would consist of a cream knitted jumper with matching cream knitted skirt.  Your sister very kindly lent you hers, not knowing it would never return in the same good condition she had lent it. It's such a golden rule......don't wear the same outfit twice and never, no never wear the same as someone else! Ooops!

After a rather drunken night ending in McDonalds, you decided it was hilarious to hide under the chairs from someone we called Dave the Digger We always seemed to add extensions to boys names, i.e. Alex 'hump' Hillman or Ian 'acid' Aston. Well we convinced ourselves that Dave the Digger was a drug dealer (which I have to add, he wasn't) and he found you under the chairs so we ran, well fell, out of McDonalds, and went and hid in a bush! It made sense at the time. So after escaping the supposed drug dealer and finding no milk floats to hitch a lift home on (yes, milk was delivered by the milkman on floats in them days, remember) we attempted to walk home and that was when we noticed the ketchup in a nice red stain down the sisters cream knitted set. You were well and truly in trouble. 

Well, theres lots more to tell but they'll have to wait for another blogpost but I have a whole section planned for the salon tales. 

My dear friend, it's been a long journey together and still a long way to go, hopefully. I think theres going to be many blog posts with your name at the beginning.

Love you tons and as always........sent wiv love.



  1. And theres me thinking the pair of you were at Fiona's doing your knitting.

  2. I based a decision on the song I want to break free. Still we all have big regrets in out life.


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